We can not save anymore

Give us a motor for that
Webpowered if you please. For me, for we, for the Peace. Now.

This is the matter of the New 4G3W Economy.

We are changing the economic practices. Introducing freedom for your personalized money. Because you prefer setting now your personal motor-for-savings. And we create it at WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web. For you, for free. 100% free.

Stopping with the limited "herramientas" just into 3 economic separated actions for your stressed economic choice : or your action must go for to spend, or for to save, or for to invest and full stop. In the Classic Economy you can not make mixed actions and then the worst is that if you like to purchase a plusvalue you must accept and control the investment's risks.You dont have anymore time for going in old rules.

Now we need more : to spend, to save, to invest and to datevalue the money . With flavors and free mixed utilities.
In the 4G3W Economy we add the money datevaluation because we need webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode. Because now you have the Web W3C and you do not accept any risk. You prefer your added value webpowered night and day. 24/7.

And by your money datevaluation you became a datevalors. Also when you invest you became an investor. Two qualities for two differents utilities.
Because here the product that you get when you datevalue contains a very exclusive first security. Your action is cashkeeping. It means that your cash, remain cash. You keep the right to reverse your economic action at any time. Because the cash is better than gold. And you like to keep your cash.
Just you let your bank money take your webmark dated by your communication motor, Mousephone or another 4G3W. For what ? To catch webcashmatic money for you, because your cash working hard in your self_marked_space in your webcashaccount.
-Oh, but i need my bank money, i dont agree to put it on the web !
Ok but remind, dont be confused. When you datevalue, you put to multiply then you call-more-cash as well. It is CashPut_more_CashCall.

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That is all. Your economic life must go up forever.

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