Personal Owndated Timestock

When your webcashmotor run for the datevaluation of some of your money, 10€ or multiples, you make savings for the same amount, but you get dynamic production factors in your associated "owndated webquantum".

These webquantums are the personal reserve of time stocked in. Your "perowntime".

The owner of any "owndated webquantum" can sell it getting the webcashmatic plusvalues.
As it happens in the cash phasis keeped all around the cashfishing process, the datevaluation practice is for economic results, but cashkeeping.
So your linked money-to-money is a personal_finantial_bank because your savings are at any time at your free disposal .
Your economic life must go up forever because you get live savings charging perowntime by web_dynamic_power and just for your profit.

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